Glass Beads Reflector

Brightgrate is the leading Glass Beads Reflector Suppliers in UAE. Glass beads provide the reflectivity in such products as traffic paint, signs and pavement marking tape. All glass beads are manufactured exclusively from recycled glass products like bottles and windshields. Increased safety in night driving is achieved through the use of tiny glass beads embedded in paint. When millions of these tiny reflective spheres are embedded in highway markings, they shine brightly under headlights, making the marking many times more visible at night than the same markings without reflectorization.


  • Increase safety and nighttime visibility
  • Increase paint life
  • Reduces drying time, tracking and traffic tie-ups
  • industry recommends 8 lbs. of beads per gallon of paint
  • Application is easy and can usually be accomplished with standard highway marking equipment.


Specification 8*10,10*13,13*18MM
Product Material Tempered High Reflective Glass
Application Speed Bump, Road Stud, Delineator as reflective element
Color of Light Source White Green Yellow Red Blue
Reflecting light angle 360° Glisten
Hardness 170+/-5
Weathering resistance >11300h
Anti-impaction capacity >=15Metric tons