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Bright Great Building Materials is a driven and reliable supplier to ensure the safe, accurate, and timely delivery of building materials.

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    FRP & GRP Gratings

    Brightgrates is one of the best supplier of GRP and FRP gratings in UAE that can be compared favourably to galvanised steel products such as grating, walkways, stairs and railing. Bright Grates supplier in UAE builds strong relationships with its customers and generates significant additional value through its technical excellence and advanced fabrication skills available at the facility. We also provide Convex mirror in UAE. As a fibreglass grating company in UAE, we offer extensive technical support to our customers

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    Manhole Covers

    Compared with cast iron manhole covers, FRP/GRP manhole covers are 30% lighter, it allows more loading per vehicle, more convenient transportation and economical savings and it allows a safer working condition, where single worker is enough for installation without risk of injury. As Hardness is same as cast iron, FRP manhole covers have overwhelming advantages on resilience recovery. According to EN124: 1994, they are designed to exceed load capacity.

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    Parking Mirrors

    We, Brightgrates – Parking Mirror Suppliers in UAE, provide a range of Parking mirrors in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, AbuDhabi that are extensively used for traffic and road safety purposes. Traders of Parking Mirror in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman- Parking Mirror is made from high quality glass, these are impact resistant, weather proof, easy to mount and offer bright reflection. We also offer these Parking mirrors in customized sizes and colors.

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    Swimming Pool Gratings

    BrightGrate Swimming Pool Gratings are used to cover the Overflow channel (Drain) built around the Swimming Pool and ensure that the Swimmers do not fall in the Overflow channel while entering the Swimming Pool. The Pool Gratings have sufficient gap in between them to ensure that the Overflowing Pool Water enters the overflow drain but also ensure that a person’s foot does not get inside it.

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    Glass Beads Reflector

    Glass beads provide the reflectivity in such products as traffic paint, signs and pavement marking tape. All glass beads are manufactured exclusively from recycled glass products like bottles and windshields. Increased safety in night driving is achieved through the use of tiny glass beads embedded in paint. When millions of these tiny reflective spheres are embedded in highway markings, they shine brightly under headlights, making the marking many times more visible at night than the same markings without reflectorization.

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